Total circulation is 4000 copies, with more than 90% of the total being distributed to the following countries:

Australia Bangladesh Cambodia China Hong Kong India Indonesia
Japan Korea Laos Malaysia Myanmar Nepal New Zealand
Pakistan Philippines Singapore Sri Lanka Taiwan Thailand Vietnam

The remaining copies are distributed to major suppliers, consultants and organisations in Europe and North America, who have a specific interest or influence in the Asian railway market.


60% of each issue is sent to over 100 Railway Operators in the above countries including;

Australia Pacific National Korea Korail
  Queensland Rail   Seoul Metro
  RailCorp Malaysia Malaysian Railways KTMB
China China Railway Corporation   Rapid Rail
  Beijing Metro Corpoation Phillipines Light Rapid Transit Autthority
  Guangzhou Metro   Philippine National Railroad
  Shanghai Metro Singapore Land Transport Authority
  Shenzhen Metro   SBS Transit
Hong Kong MTRC   SMRT
India Delhi Metro Taiwan Taipei Rapid Transit Corp.
  Indian Railway Board, plus Central,   Taiwan High Speed Rail
  East, West, South & North   Taiwan Railway Adminsitration
Japan Japan Railway - Central, East & West Thailand Bangkok Metropolitan Corp. Ltd.
  Hokkaido Railway   Bangkok Transit System
  Tokyo Metro Co   State Railway of Thailand
    Vietnam Vietnam Railways


As AROA’s official journal the readership is geared towards the remit and five key areas covered by the association’s activities, namely;

All copies sent to Railway Operators are to named individuals, who are either; Directors, Heads of Department or Senior & Middle Managers in the above and following disciplines

All other recipients are Director or Senior Manager level.

All copies are sent to named individuals. Our database is updated continuously through;

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